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You're Engaged . . . What Comes Next?

You're Engaged . . . What Comes Next?
June 2, 2017

Congratulations . . . You're Engaged!!

This is an exciting time in your life.  You’ve done the hard part; you have found that perfect partner to spend your life with.  So what’s the next step . . .  planning your wedding. Here are a few first steps you should take now that you are engaged.

Delight in the Moment

First and foremost, you and your fiancé should take a moment to truly appreciate the moment.  You’re engaged!  You’ve found your life partner, the person you’ll wake up beside for the rest of your life.  Before you get into all the pieces of planning your wedding, step back and enjoy this amazing milestone in your life. You’re engaged!! As you begin the process of planning your wedding it’s important to keep coming back to step one, and remember – this is what is most important. The life you will share with each other. 

Reach Out to Family and Close Friends

 Your first temptation will be to announce your engagement to the world with a photo of the ring and your happy faces on Facebook and Instagram but be sure to call or visit your family and close friends first.  It’s not too cool for mom and dad to find out online.  This is an announcement you and your fiancé will want to do together.  You can discuss how you plan to tell them, will you blurt it out first thing?  Make them guess the big news? Will you tell your own parents, or let your fiancé share the news with his or her future in-laws?  Whatever you decide, take the time to reach out personally to the most important people in your life before you make it public on social media.

 The First Big Wedding Discussion

Once you have savored the moment and told family and friends, now is the time for the “Big Discussion”. This is the “big picture” step where you decide on the When, Where and Style for your big day.  How do you envision your wedding day? Is it on a rustic farm in a vintage barn; is it at the beach with the sound of surf in the background? Maybe it’s in the mountains. The decisions you make will set the tone for your entire day so you should take this first step seriously and not rush into it.

 The Next Big Discussion – Budget

The next big topic you’ll need to talk about budget.  The most important advice I can give on this – be open and honest.  Talk to your fiancé and family members about who will pay for what.  Don’t assume anything.  Then start to prioritize.  Decide what is most important to you. Every couple has their priorities. For some it’s all about the food. For others is the party and dancing. Is the perfect venue the most important thing?  That might be where you push your budget a little.  Planning your wedding budget will be a fluid process, but you should have a general idea of what you’re comfortable spending before you get too far in the planning process.  One idea is to set aside a certain percentage of your budget for the things you fall in love with as you plan so you can spend a little more on that spectacular bouquet or special dessert that makes your wedding feel perfect.  Many of the bigger wedding planning websites like The Knot and Wedding Wire offer budget calculators and wedding planning worksheets.

 Choosing your Wedding Venue

Once you know the where and when and have a general idea of what you plan to spend, it’s time to choose your wedding venue.  Don’t wait too long as venues are often booked a year in advance. This is the time you want to start considering a planner or day-of wedding coordinator to help you navigate all the intricacies of the contracts and what a vendor will and will not provide. Once you ask all your questions, be sure to visit the venue and take a tour – then trust your instincts.  If you love it, book it.

 And Finally . . .   Breathe!!

At this point you’ve accomplished a lot, take a deep breath and revisit step one.  Always remember what the day is all about. It’s about beginning a new life together with the person you love most in the world. Yes, you’ll have many challenges and celebrations ahead of you, but think of wedding planning as a practice run. Working together on choosing guest lists, menus and music will be an opportunity to blend your families together, and build a strong foundation for your future. Celebrate life, you are in love!


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