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What is an unplugged wedding?

What is an unplugged wedding?
February 22, 2018

What is an "Unplugged" Wedding? 

An unplugged wedding is where the guests are asked to turn off their electronic devices such as cell phones and cameras usually during the ceremony. This is to ensure that they get the professional photographs and video which they are paying for, and more importantly it guarantees photographs from your wedding don’t make it onto social media prematurely.

 Ruining the wedding photos isn’t the only reason that some couples are opting for an unplugged ceremony, and asking their guests to refrain from taking pictures. Couples also want the guests to enjoy the day through their own eyes. When the bride walks down the aisle she wants to see the smiling, joyful faces of friends and family, not rows and rows of cell phones and camera lenses.

 There’s different ways to go about having an unplugged wedding:

 ·        Some Couples will request that  no sharing on social media (so guests can still take pictures)

·       You can ask your Officiant to make an announcement at the beginning of the ceremony asking quests to please refrain from use of their electronic devices. A polite way for your officiate to let your wishes be known is for her to say something in the order of - 

  “The bride and groom have kindly requested that guests switch off their phones and refrain from using cameras during the ceremony. I encourage you all to capture this moment with your hearts, without the distraction of technology.”


·       If you are having programs you can make the request that way.

·       Post a sign at the ceremony site


Many wedding guests simply don’t realize how intrusive and disruptive it can be when they are continually taking photos. They’re probably thinking about getting a great shot of a special moment to share with you after the wedding. A polite request to put the cell phones and cameras away and enjoy the wedding is probably enough to help them understand that they should leave the photography to the professionals.

It’s pretty easy to have an unplugged wedding.  The important part is – letting people know ahead of time. Hopefully, social pressure from nearby guests will stop them pulling out their phones during the ceremony, if you’ve made your wishes clear. If not, a friendly word from an usher or a member of your wedding party should be enough




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