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Wedding Trends for 2021

Wedding Trends for 2021
May 15, 2020

Without question, the wedding trends for 2021 are going to be influenced by the Coronavirus lockdown of 2020. From helping the US economy bounce back to adopting a ‘go big or go home’ mentality for postponed weddings, this period of time we’ve been stuck in our homes – not able to hug our loved ones – will have a profound effect on how we choose to celebrate.

You’ll see a trend for intimate micro weddings and maxi-weddings where everything from your wedding attire to your music is oversized and extravagant. That’s because we’ll see two clear paths emerging out of 2020 -  those who feel the need to scale back and focus on a tight-knit group of closest family and friend, and those whose passion to celebrate with everyone they care for means a BIG guest list.


Top of the wedding trend list is informal gatherings. Having a large guest count your big day is no longer the trend, as couples are opting for more intimate, meaningful celebrations with their closest families and friends. This means couples can spend their budget more lavishly on a smaller group.

One of the big wedding trends is for a more intimate ceremony. Also known as “micro weddings”, these occasions tend to have a smaller guest list of around 40 people or fewer. They can be formal or informal, keep with tradition, or take a more contemporary approach – however, they tend to be a fusion of both. 

Most importantly of all, they also allow the bride and groom to spend quality time with each and every guest – one of the reasons for its surging popularity.



While the new trend includes cutting back on guests doesn’t mean you have to cut back on extravagance. If anything, it’s quite the opposite. The latest wedding trends now are for oversize decor and big statements. Imagine welcoming guests in to the reception with exquisite lighting and oversize centerpieces that take your breath away when you walk into a room.



 The latest trend report from Brides magazine highlights a few floral trends to adopt into your big day next year.


Going local is a big new wedding trend we’ve seen in recent years. Sourcing local flowers from independent florists as well as Farmer’s Markets is a great way to put your personal touch on the day. Bold statement colors are all the rage, as well as those with different textures and shapes. Speak to your florist about how they can layer up displays with an explosion of color. Go big on scents too – this is going to be a big wedding trend that you’ll smell more of in 2021!

 It’s all about getting creative too. Think about different ways that flowers can add a pop of color to other parts of the day, from flowers frozen in ice to floral hair weaves for the bridal party.

 And when it comes to your bridal bouquet, it’s all about understated bouquets with plenty of overflowing greenery for a majestic look.



 Great lighting can make your wedding venue glisten in the moonlight and sizzle at sunset. When the sun sets, the lights come on, be it an indoor or outdoor wedding reception, lights can set the tone and mood for your evening.

 Think outside of the box and look at different ways to integrate lighting in a unique way. From exposed bulbs to mini lampshades and vintage chandeliers, there’s many different ways that you can bring a touch of sparkle to party.



 The cutting of the wedding cake is over, it’s the biggest non-event, so on a final sweet note, it’s time to wave goodbye to traditional wedding cakes in place of cupcakes, donuts mini pies and lavish dessert tables! It also mean less cake cutting.




Another bridal trend thanks to Meghan Markle is the unfussy simple wedding bridal  gown. Meghan’s dress was elegant, chic and modern, with an incredible lengthy veil that any bride would be proud to wear. The Meghan effect has been very popular this past year, with this sleek bridal trend set to carry on into the new year too.

Sleeves are also making a comeback. Longer elegant gowns are seeing somewhat of a renaissance, as we fall back in love with the romance of weddings.  And, in a departure from demure weddings, big flashy red statement lips are one of the makeup trends to look out for too.


In these environmental-conscious times we live in, now more than ever, couples are looking at ways to host their wedding responsibly. This means cutting back on unnecessary waste and trying to be as eco-friendly as possible. Wedding venues are being greener and becoming more sustainable, many venues that provide in-house catering will use locally sourced produce, as well as other areas within their business to be more eco friendly.

One of the new wedding trends is for couples to upcycle, or make a commitment to zero waste.  Couples can achieve this wedding trend by eliminating plastic for paper ones that are compostable, donating wedding day flowers to local nursing homes and sharing décor with other couples and offering succulents as a wedding favor. 



2021 wedding trends also include a change to wedding photography, it has always been important. However, with more choice and videographers available having your wedding day captured as a film is becoming more popular and a great way to relive your day. With videography becoming more popular will also see the rise of drones being used, perfect for videographer and stunning group shots of you and your guests as well as your venue from above.


Food and drink are becoming more unique and personal, from custom signature cocktails created by the bride and groom, to unique canapés and desserts that reflect the couple. With the change in dining and drinking trends we expect to see this reflected too, with less beer and wine and more liquor bars and cocktails.



Although these trends are popular,  make sure you do things your way. Think of them as  great for gathering ideas and seeing what others are doing, but make sure you do things how you want them. Create your own style and vision. Whatever the trends may be, remember this is YOUR day, so make it your own and don’t worry about what’s popular and what others are doing. It is great place for ideas and inspiration, but make sure you do it your way.

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