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Planning a Vintage Wedding

Planning a Vintage Wedding
December 7, 2017


Vintage weddings offer something for everyone. A touch of romance for the bride and groom. Lasting memories for everyone in the shape of beautiful photographs.


Although everyone’s definition of “vintage” may vary, most of us think of  a vintage wedding with a ceremony and reception that has a slightly old-fashioned feel to it. Whether you’re creating a turn-of-the century setting in a southern mansion, or having a  fifties-style theme with a cool car and a short wedding dress, there are many different ways you can take to capture that time-honored feel.

 Setting the Scene

You can’t have a Victorian-inspired wedding in a contemporary setting, and you can’t always capture a rustic farm feel in the city. The best way to set an authentic scene for your vintage wedding is to find a venue that matches. North Carolina has no shortage of vintage homes and farms that will capture the vintage theme you are after. While you can always dress up an ordinary banquet hall to match your theme, you’ll find that you can save substantial time and money by finding a facility with built in history.


Starting with a Foundation


Your wedding venue is the foundation or base for your theme. From there, you have to build upwards to stay true to your theme. What’s the next most important part of your wedding? Is it the dress? The catering? The colors? Stay true to your vintage theme as you go. Choose a wedding dress all in lace. Stick to pastels and slightly washed out colors. Every small detail can make a difference, and build on each one as you go.


 Turn Down the Lights 

There’s something about low lighting that captures the vintage feeling, especially if you already have the setting to go with it. Don’t ruin the romance by turning up the lights. Bring your entire vintage look together by dimming the overhead ballroom lights and relying on accent lighting or candles instead.


Everything Doesn't have to Match

One of the best ways to capture a vintage feeling is to worry less about everything being perfect. Teacup centerpieces in different patterns are great for a slightly rustic, old-fashioned feeling. Hand-written invitations written on scrap floral paper might add an elegant touch. Don’t be afraid of stepping a little off your theme to make your vintage wedding happen.


Hiring the Right Photographer

Nothing could be worse than putting in all your hard work capturing a vintage look and then hiring a photographer who uses bright lights and modern posing. When researching a photographer, be sure to ask about whether or not they can use special filters or change the pictures to sepia and black & white tones later.


Perhaps the most important piece of advice I can give is not to get too locked in to your vintage theme. There are no rules that says once you pick a vintage wedding, you have to keep everything within those strict confines. Play modern music for dancing. Have a Krispy Kreme donut tower instead of a traditional wedding cake. Drive away in a limo instead of a horse-drawn carriage. A vintage wedding is more about evoking a mood more than it is about making sure you stay true to the era—and as long as the mood fits your vision, the rest is just details.

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